Better Cakes

Better Cakes

Allows the “all in” method of sponge and cake production to be used. Extends softness and fresh-keeping properties. Specially designed for ‘hi-ratio’ sponges and also suitable for ‘hi-ratio’ cakes as well as plain flour cakes and sponges.


  • Gives tenderness to the crumb texture
  • Gives increased bulk volume
  • Has a longer shelf life

Cake Improver

To improve aeration of whipped cake batter or reduce whipping time required to achieve the ideal batter foam height.

To increase whipped cake batter stability and therefore prolonging the batter floor time.

To enable a single step process [”All in Method”] of whipping cake batter, thereby increasing production capacities of industrial bakeries as the mixing step and processing duration of each batch are reduced,

To improve the distribution and emulsification of oils in the batter system, especially of those with minimal fat and oil, such as batters for sponge cakes.

The improved foam structure is reflected in the finished cake in terms of crumb structure uniformity, finely distributed air cells, cake volume, sensorial characteristics as well as good handling and cutting properties.


Shelf Life & Storage Conditions
Storage TeperatureRoom Temperature
Storage HumidityRoom Temperature
Shelf Life (Closed Pack)1 Year
Packaging1 Kg Jar
Product CodeDCI- 1301
Total unit Per Carton12 Pieces
Pieces per carton1 Carton x 12 pieces